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Бесплатная доставка по РФ от 4900 руб
Worldwide shipping free above 75 €
Бесплатная доставка по РФ от 4900 руб
Worldwide shipping free above 75 €

О нас

About us

Our brand

In OMG ActiveWear sportswear you will feel as if you have already won the most important and large-scale beauty and fitness contests – fashionable, attractive and convenient.
The unique combination of comfort and functionality creates the feeling that the OMG brand has done everything possible to help you achieve any goals. It’s not just clothes that are easy and pleasant to wear when performing complex exercises in the hall, it’s care, clothed with exclusive fabrics of pleasant colors and stylish design solutions, which embraces your body, increasing the effect of training. In our practical and bold collection, you can always look stylish, expensive and,
first of all, it’s feminine to enjoy sports and get really excited about life. OMG ActiveWear is a fitness apparel for both true aesthetes and ordinary people with good taste.
Less anonymity, more warm attention and control.

Our product

Our clothes are developed and made exclusively in Russia.
Every detail with technical cuts, high-strength threads and luxurious fabrics, which guarantee weightlessness and durability, is designed specifically for your comfort.
Designed to replicate your natural curves, our product is
in constant harmony with your silhouette, supports your entire body and shapes it.

Who are we? What do we want?

I’m not alone, there are a lot of us. We are a huge and extensive group of people involved in sports, looking after their health. We train, improve; we like our individuality, femininity and natural sexuality.
We don’t want to copy other people’s views on life, we learn to separate the true from what has been imposed on us by our environment. We value comfort and reliability, but we also love originality, authenticity and authenticity. We love interesting ideas, colour and design solutions. We feel the spirit of the time and try to conform to fashion trends. We always aspire to look younger and more beautiful, and it is absolutely natural.
Our goal is to reveal our natural essence, to emphasize the roundness of lines and shapes, and to be unobtrusively in the spotlight.
Let’s be honest: creating this brand has always been just a matter of time. We have created something for you that is impossible to live without. We are an avalanche that cannot be stopped.



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